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The BALI Jumpsuit by MUJO; the ultimate travel wear

BALI Jumpsuits now available in 7 beautiful colors

Following our most recent trip to Bali, we are pleased to introduce 5 new colors to our range of products suitable for travel and healing. Our new BALI Jumpsuits are now available in a lighter and easier to transport fabric; Tencel, and are now available in beige, pale pink, orange, yellow, blue-gray, in addition to our original colors, black and khaki!

The BALI Jumpsuit is the perfect item for the traveler who can be worn in 10 different ways and more! Here, our model wears the Jumpsuit in its fitted dress version.

I wanted to offer a travel garment for those who like to travel light and simple, just like me. So I created a jumpsuit that is as versatile as possible allowing comfort, elegance and all that, in a concept of minimalist eco-design thus encouraging more responsible consumption.

- Isabelle C eco-creator of MUJO

The BALI Jumpsuit can also be transformed into Harem pants, a perfect style for the beach!

A 10-in-1 Jumpsuit ... and more!

Depending on your level of creativity, you can, with a single item, create an infinity of styles in order to adapt your garment to the time of day, to your activities and to occasions! The BALI Jumpsuit by MUJO is 100% versatile and easily transformed thanks to a brilliantly elaborated system of hidden bands and buttons! These bandages sometimes take the form of suspenders, sometimes those of belts and also make it possible to shorten the legs of your jumpsuit. Find out how to wear your BALI Jumpsuit via our videos section.

Worn in a long skirt, the BALI Jumpsuit is perfect for walks on the beach as well as in the city!

Relaxation garment par excellence, in a dungaree version, it can be worn easily at all times!

A garment designed for travel

The BALI Jumpsuit was really thought and designed for the traveler with 2 large side pockets, a hidden pocket for your passport and a pocket for your smartphone. Easy to maintain, it dries quickly and simply and will weigh practically nothing in your suitcase!

Made of TENCEL®, a unique product made from Eucalyptus pulp (a tree that grows quickly with a low supply of water and pesticides), it allows better management of humidity and perspiration. It is therefore ideal for tropical temperatures, the beach and the spa!

The long dress version is perfect for pregnant women looking for comfort!

You can also quickly transform your jumpsuit into a towel, kimono for the beach, or even out of the bath!

In the evening, transform your BALI Jumpsuit into an elegant dress with only one bare shoulder.

About MUJO

MUJO is a Japanese Zen concept focusing on the aesthetics of lightness and ephemeral. It is the art of living in a natural way, without worry, free from any excess weight, with security and ease.

At MUJO, we make sure that each piece is fluid, versatile, minimalist and designed for the necessities of travel, experiences of rejuvenation and daily comfort. We rely on the authenticity and the quality of the handmade pieces that simplify our lives, which we like to wear from morning to night, from the city to the countryside, from the city center to the beach, from Montreal to Bali.

Embrace the MUJO lifestyle too!


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