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About Mujo

MUJO: Love your journey!

At MUJO, we offer quality pieces inspired by the slow fashion and slow living movements. Each garment is designed to be comfortable, stylish, minimalist, versatile, high-performance, durable and perfect for all body types, which is why we offer unique sizes.
We favour natural materials, certified eco-responsible for their performance and low environmental footprint. Our "on demand" production also allows us to produce only the items we sell.
Conceptualized in Montreal, Canada, each item is handmade in a small family workshop in Bali (where the idea of creating MUJO was born), an ethical environment for the workers.
Buying MUJO means giving priority to quality over quantity, durability over ephemerality without neglecting style. It's about expressing your creativity through a garment that corresponds to our values. Discover our collections.

MUJO's philosophy

MUJO is a Japanese Zen concept focusing on the aesthetics of lightness and ephemeral. It’s the art of living naturally, carefree, free of excess weight, safe and comfortable. Not necessarily having a lot of money, but spending it with style and refinement, using what you have with taste. To move gracefully in the world of non-things. MUJO elegance is knowing who you are, being at peace with yourself and living on the fringes of a society always in a hurry, mired in excess, living in overabundance and overly preoccupied with the multiplicity of tasks to be accomplished. It is removing all the cumbersome details from your life. It also means being self-sufficient knowing that you can live gracefully without expecting anything in return (Dominique Loreau, The Art of Essentials, p. 29).

Founder and eco-creator Isabelle C.

Isabelle is an entrepreneur, coach and traveller with a passion for fashion and well-being. After an inspiring adventure in India, Bali and Morocco in 2017, she has adopted a simple nomadic lifestyle, focused on environmentally friendly consumption. With a degree in fashion marketing, she sought to develop her skills in sewing, production and import, which led to the creation of MUJO, her own line of environmentally friendly clothing in collaboration with Balinese manufacturer Arti Bali. Isabelle considers clothing as a language and an expression of her identity. Her personal mission is to inspire people to develop their full potential, to achieve ecological and ethical consistency and to embody a minimalist lifestyle.

Read here about her adventure towards the quest of MUJO.

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