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Sharing my adventure towards the quest of MUJO

The Birth of MUJO

About 3 years ago, I decided to leave everything behind in order to find myself, and my own path. It might sound a bit cliché, but the call was so loud that I needed to listen to it, and go all the way... Without knowing what I could expect from this journey. For 2 years, I've accomplished (almost) all the travels and courses I've been willing to do for so long. I took some time for myself, to learn more about who I was, and define the person I wanted to be.

To my identity crisis : Thank you...

Like many people, I wanted to live from my passions, but what were these passions ? That was the big question !

I've done the same as many people in that same situation, I went to discover the world, burned up my life savings, and visited a few countries, mainly in Asia.

It was in Goa, India, that I had my breakthrough... I would create a brand of clothing, aligned with my values, my convictions and that would allow women to live a more simple life, while being elegant.

Imposter Syndrome... ... 

Back to Montréal, with my BACC in fashion business and my background in sales, I quickly second-guessed this crazy idea that was born during my travels, after all, I wasn't a designer !

Then, using everything I've learned during my journey through NLP (1000 hours of Neuro Linguistic programming coaching), I slowly broke free from my restrictive beliefs (Yeah, the ones keeping us from moving forward) and I decided to fully embrace that project.

It was during the reading of " L’Art de l’essentiel " (the art of the essencial) by Dominique Loreau that I discovered the meaning of the word MUJO, and quickly adopted this japanese concept. Based on the art of lightness and a minimalist philosophy, 'MU' is a mantra that means 'Both all and nothing'. Therefore, the whole philosophy of my clothing line is about the MUJO : elegance, femininity, minimalism.

After that major discovery, I started to practice transcendental meditation twice a day. A month after it became part of my daily routine, I was crystal clear that MUJO was my project. No doubt !

I've built my MUJO brand around the IKIGAÏ principle (a japanese philosophy) meaning 'Happiness to live, life goal' and allowing us to find the reason why we're here, our path. In japanese, 'iki' means 'life' and 'gaï' means 'worthy'. The Ikigaï is a life philosophy helping us to feel aligned to ourselves in all the aspects of our lives.

I hope that, just like me, you'll enjoy wearing MUJO and will follow me in my crazy entrepreneur adventures !


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