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MUJO Philosophy


MUJO is a Japanese Zen concept focusing on the aesthetics of lightness and ephemeral. It’s the art of living naturally, carefree, free of excess weight, safe and comfortable. Not necessarily having a lot of money, but spending it with style and refinement, using what you have with taste. To move gracefully in the world of non-things. MUJO elegance is knowing who you are, being at peace with yourself and living on the fringes of a society always in a hurry, mired in excess, living in overabundance and overly preoccupied with the multiplicity of tasks to be accomplished. It is removing all the cumbersome details from your life. It also means being self-sufficient knowing that you can live gracefully without expecting anything in return (Dominique Loreau, The Art of Essentials, p. 29).

MUJO : Love your journey !

With MUJO, we make sure that each piece is fluid, versatile, minimalist and designed for the necessities of travel, mystical experiences and daily comfort.

We rely on the authenticity and the quality of the handmade pieces that simplify our lives, as we like to wear it from morning to night, from the city to the countryside, from the wilderness to the beach, from Montreal to Bali.


MUJO encourages an ethical, ecological and circular economy while offering women minimalist and versatile clothing designed for travel and everyday life. It is elegance, creativity, comfort and functionality all while integrating the principles of sustainable development.

Indeed, MUJO allows you to consume less as it offers the necessary in only a few pieces. Comfortable, light and functional clothes let the woman's body move freely, so she can travel, do yoga, meditate and walk around with confidence.

MUJO : Conceptualized in Montreal, made with love and consciousness in Bali.

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