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Kit for mom

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The perfect set to offer to a mother-to-be as a gift!


-15$: 199$ and under

-$25: $200 or more

With MUJO, you choose an alternative to mass-produced generic clothing and support slow, honest and sustainable fashion. A choice that cares for the planet and the people who make our clothes.

*** Limited quantity and production on demand: Allow between 7 to 14 days before receiving your order. ***

Two favorite items that will please a mother-to-be! Get 20% off by combining these two products.

This set includes:

Harmony Ball

Authentic traditional Indonesian pregnancy bola, handcrafted and engraved in heart ARABESQUE.

The bola of pregnancy has as country of origin Indonesia. The women of this country have always worn this jewel during their pregnancy at the level of their belly to bring happiness and protection to their future child.

This jewel is made, since generations, by the craftsmen of this country with very precise ancestral techniques. Most often, it is a family affair because this know-how is preciously kept and passed on (most often) only from father to son.

Between softness and emotion, this beautiful bola will melodiously rock your little prince or princess throughout the pregnancy as the Indonesian tradition wants.

This model is entirely handmade by our Balinese craftsman, where this beautiful pregnancy jewel comes from.

Jumpsuit BALI 10-in-1 in Tencel

Minimalist and multifunctional, this jumpsuit fits perfectly in your suitcase and is easy to care for! The must-have item for any traveler who appreciates comfort and simplicity without neglecting elegance! It can be worn at the beach, in town, at the spa or at home!

Made of a fabric called TENCEL®, MUJO's Bali jumpsuit is perfect for tropical temperatures. TENCEL® is a unique product made from the pulp of the Eucalyptus tree, which grows quickly with little water and pesticides, making TENCEL® much more environmentally friendly than some other materials. It also allows a better management of humidity and therefore of perspiration.

The Bali jumpsuit in TENCEL® is available in 7 beautiful colors: blue-gray, khaki, black, orange, yellow, cream and pink.

The kit for mom including the pregnancy bola and the BALI Jumpsuit is the perfect gift for the journey to motherhood. We invite you to read our article about the Perfect piece of clothing in your journey to maternity.

Very nice gifts to offer to a mother-to-be or to offer to yourself!

Delivery included!

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