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The new MUJO Eco-Linen Collection in pre-sale!

A summer collection that embraces the minimalist lifestyle

Each new year is a new challenge for Mujo. My focus is to always create innovative products, to bring a new quality through a meticulous research of fabrics and materials in alignment with our values: respecting the environment and our craftsmen, and above all uncompromising performance. My research is consistently focused on fabrics that last in time, pieces that follow you in the impermanence of life and that fit perfectly with a minimalist lifestyle.

Our new top in Eco-Linen, comfort and style !

New fabric : the Eco-Linen !

For me, searching for a new fabric to work with is almost a spiritual quest. This year, I put the spotlight on linen. For years now, I have dreamed of creating a collection with this noble material, comfortable to wear, but above all eco-friendly and recyclable. But the positive never comes without its share of negatives, linen fabric stems from a mainly European production which would generate a heavy ecological impact during transport and a sensible cost, and would not resonate with my desire to produce locally in Asia.

As I was already working with Livaeco, when I discovered their Eco-Linen mix composed of 80% Livaeco rayon and 20% linen, I was delighted: same quality, same durability, same comfort but even more respectful of the environment and produced locally.

With MUJO, you choose an alternative to mass-produced generic clothing and support slow, honest and sustainable fashion. A choice that takes care of the planet and the people who make our clothes. Discover our brand new Eco-Linen micro-collection.

5 unique and complementary pieces signed MUJO

It is with an IMMENSE pleasure and hardly contained excitement that I present to you in pre-sale from May 16th to June 7th 2022 the new Eco-Linen collection composed of 5 unique pieces! The team and I fell in love with it and we're sure you will too!

As with any Mujo piece, the focal point is versatility and recycling (literal and figurative 😉), which is why each piece can fit into an already established minimalist wardrobe: with your favorite denim pants or shorts, the little top that always that brings out your best features, second-hand & thrifted pieces, or the comfy sneakers that you always take with you on a walk. The natural tone of this new collection gives you the opportunity to add subtle touches of color with accessories for a pop of fun!

For those who already have the Bali Jumpsuit, you will love its new mini version!

Discover our 2 new sets and take advantage of a discount

3-pieces Eco-Linen

5-pieces Eco-Linen (including our Bali Jumpsuit)

Combine our Eco-Linen Top and Short for a perfect summer look!

The collection Eco-Linen by MUJO comes with 5 versatile pieces :

✨An elegant and adjustable top

✨Comfortable and flattering shorts

✨A cropped shirt that you can dress up and down

✨The Mini Bali Jumpsuit, the fun size but still super functional version of our bestseller

✨The Bali Jumpsuit, the classic you love so much!

Find them all in pre-sale (May 16th to June 7th 2022) on our website by clicking right here. Each individual piece will be sold while supplies last, so don't wait and secure yours today!

The new Eco-Linen Crop Shirt, a key item in this new collection, can be worn with your favorite denim shorts!

For those who love good deals, we offer you today, IN PRE-SALE, our minimalist Eco-Linen kit.

Get your hands on our 5-pieces Eco-Linen KIT available in PRE-SALE at 20% off + FREE SHIPPING (original value of $75 if purchased separately).

INTRODUCTORY PROMOTION: Get our recycled nylon bottle holder worth $49 (for the first 10 purchases only)!

A value of $667 available in PRE-SALE at $434, a $233 discount!

LIMITED TIME OFFER, only 15 complete Eco-Linen kits are available for pre-sale! (May 16th to June 7th 2022)

Our 5-pieces Eco-Linen Kit by MUJO, unique pieces you can endlessly play with!

For smaller budgets or those who have already adopted our Bali Jumpsuit, don't worry!

The 3-pieces Eco-Linen Set includes :

  • Eco-Linen Top
  • Eco-Linen Crop Shirt
  • Eco-Linen Shorts

This set of 3 pieces is offered to you with a 20% discount to them being sold separately. Be careful though, this offer is LIMITED in time - only 15 Eco-Linen 3-piece sets are available in presale only (May 16th to June 7th 2022)!

This collection is very dear to my heart because it fits in the “Project 333” which I love and am already implementing in my life and my wardrobe. But I will tell you about all this very soon! - Isabelle C. eco-creator MUJO.

Each MUJO piece is designed with the greatest respect for craftsmanship and nature. MUJO allows you to wear your favorite items more often and for longer, reducing your ecological footprint at the same time.Eco-responsible and ETHICAL, the production is carried out in Bali by a family business.For me, minimalism is freedom and I really hope that my creation will inspire you to follow me on this journey towards conscious consumption and slow living.

Enjoy Your Journey!


Isa C.

Eco-creator of MUJO 

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