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MUJO's BALI Jumpsuit, in the city and on the beach

BALI Jumpsuit - Tested and approved by Miss Bourguignon

When it comes to versatility, the MUJO BALI Jumpsuit is the perfect item. Ideal for the beach, cocooning, relaxation, it is also perfect for everyday life, no matter what the season and no matter what city you live in!

We recently asked one of the MUJO ambassadors; Emily aka Miss Burgundy (to be continued on Instagram @missbourguignon) to test our Bali Jumpsuit in her daily life and to suggest some original ways to wear it in the city as well as at home ... and, as you will see, there is no more versatile item!

Here Emily wear her jumpsuit with a white crop top for her city walk, what a look!

My Jumpsuit quickly became an essential part of my wardrobe. A versatile piece (just like me) I can easily put it on several times a week without ever feeling like I'm wearing the same thing and the fabric is so comfortable, I feel like I'm wearing nothing.

Emily, Miss Bourguignon

For cooler days, Emily wears the jumpsuit here with a long jacket for a chic tone-on-tone look.

You can wear your jumpsuit with a t-shirt or a camisole underneath ... and why not dare to wear it with a sweater with longer sleeves?
Discover how to wear your MUJO BALI Jumpsuit in many different ways by watching our videos!
For a perfect urban style, the jumpsuit easily transforms into a jacket.
Emily couldn't resist and got the Jumpsuit in its black version as well.
For cozy Sundays, jumpsuit is the perfect ally. Here Emily wears it in harem pants version.
Wear it at home, it can even turn into a very comfortable and ... a little sexy babydoll.

Aboutde Miss Bourguignon

Miss Burgundy is a modern day minimalist Green Witch, a visual artist who seeks to capture the beauty in all that surrounds her, whether spiritual or natural, with an emphasis on femininity and the environment. Taking time and having time is her vision of life. She is inspired by self-love, personal care and magic.

Her true passion is creating art and collaborating with other incredible artists and creators. Her mission is to help you develop your own blend of magic. Whether for yourself or for your business, she truly believes that there is magic in everything and in every human being and that sometimes all we need is a little help to spread and shine! With the help of her illustrations, photography skills or content creation, she is convinced that by working together, we can unleash this magic and make it grow.

We invite you to let yourself be guided and inspired by its magic via her website on Instagram: @missbourguignon or Facebook.

Discover how to wear your MUJO BALI Jumpsuit in many different ways by watching our videos!

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