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The BALI Jumpsuit : perfect to express your style !

Jumpsuit BALI - Tested and approved by Valérie Rose

The Bali Jumpsuit is worn by women of all backgrounds, origins and talents! We are so happy to highlight today the talented Valerie Rose (follow her on Instagram @essence_creative) who generously shares with us her experience with the Bali Jumpsui in her daily life and in her creative moments. A versatile garment that allows her to be in perfect symbiosis with her lifestyle as well as with her favorite medium; watercolor!

PHOTO CREDIT : Julie Dessureault de Rose aux joues photographie.

Watercolor artist, Valerie Rose found, in the (Jumpsuit BALI (in its pink version), a way to look good while being in harmony with your lifestyle!

The Bali Jumpsuit... an art of living

"I discovered the Bali Jumpsuit somewhat by accident while searching for the perfect kit that would come to highlight the artist-watercolorist in my networks. As an artist, I tend to put my creations much more front and center, leaving the person behind each of her portraits of women that I illustrate in the shadows."

For Valerie, the Bali Jumpsuit worn as overalls is literally the perfect piece to create.

"I feel free and light in my every move."

Find out How to wear the Bali Jumpsuit BALI by MUJO in many easy ways! Watch our videos!

"I was looking for simplicity, fluidity, softness, lightness and grace, elements that are in symbiosis with my lifestyle and my preferred medium. Then, like an answer to my prayers, I discovered Isabelle de MUJO and it was love at first sight with the beautiful philosophy she infuses in her business."

The Bali Jumpsuit has become a faithful ally during her creative moments, but also in her daily life.

Dungarees reinvented

"I have long cherished this image of the artist painting with their paint-stained overalls. As I paint with the fluidity of water and use conscious movement in my practice, these jumpsuits are literally the perfect piece to create in. I am free and light in every movement I make. So it's no surprise that this jumpsuit has become my faithful ally not only for creating, but also in my daily life."

About Valérie Rose

Valerie Rose is first and foremost an artist of the soul. Her inquisitive mind, her intuition and her feelings guide her in all that she undertakes. Like her medium of prediction, watercolor, she invites us, through her art, to cultivate fluidity, lightness and softness in our daily lives. Through her creations, she likes to explore the invisible dimensions of humanity. It is by connecting to her sensibility that she manages to capture every little bit of magic that is in front of her eyes to create a unique concentrate: the essence.

This is how she discovered her passion for essence portraits. Her artwork is filled with magic, nature and quiet strength, encouraging an inner journey that will inspire you to honor your true nature.

We invite you to be guided and inspired by his art through her online store or on Instagram.

 Find out How to wear your MUJO BALI Jumpsuit in many different ways by watching our videos!

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