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Holidays in slow living mode

This year for the holidays, let's try to go back to basics by being more minimalist and ecological in our celebrations.

Green and minimalist for the holidays, yes it is possible, here are our ideas!

First of all, the gifts

Did you know that on average children receive 6 gifts? This year let's try to make gifts that are useful, practical and have a low environmental impact:

  • For children, you can find second-hand toys instead of buying new.
  • For adults, consider giving an experience such as concert tickets, a meal at the restaurant, a subscription.
  • Bake goodies and give them in pretty reusable containers.
  • Offer your time: if you have a car, help someone get to an appointment, move, buy groceries, etc.
  • Tell your loved ones if you don't need anything (and don't be embarrassed) but if they still want to give you a little something, choose a cause that you care about and donate to!
  • Other eco-friendly ideas, offer small useful things for everyday life: reusable water bottles, thermos, lunchbox, a Bali Jumpsuit ;)

For holiday decorations 

  • Keep it simple, you don't need a Christmas tree if you have a plant you can decorate or a wall you can draw or glue a tree on!
  • Decorate with natural things like pine cones, tree branches (which you can find on the ground), etc.
  • To replace the lights, use natural beeswax or soy candles, they will bring a nice atmosphere and smell in your house.
  • To replace the traditional Christmas tree, create a tree with metal rods or an alternative tree made of wood, paper or cardboard!

For your partys

  • Invite everyone to bring a gift that is no longer in use (but still in good condition) and have a green gift drive or exchange and give your items a second life!
  • Set up a little box at the entrance and when people leave they can pick out a little something!


Make your own gift

Rent your sparkling evening wear or buy it at thrift stores or even wear your Bali Jumpsuit! :)

And the food? 

You can't celebrate Christmas without a good meal! Buy local is the rule! Encourage small businesses in your neighbourhood and favour local and regional products. Then, there is no need to do everything in abundance, make a choice of what you really like and favor a menu that will be shared well among the guests and that will still be delicious to eat the next day.

Avoid food waste by choosing buffets with fresh products so that guests can eat as they like (and share leftovers without embarrassment)!

And for the dishes, we go for 100% reusable dishes!

An eco-conscious fashion idea

Finally, as a perfect gift idea we suggest our Bali Jumpsuit in EcoVero one-size-fits-all, multi-functional, made in an eco-responsible fabric with a 0 waste pattern, ideal for all generations and occasions. It's perfect for the eco-conscious woman who shares eco-responsible, minimalist values, the mom, the frequent traveler or the yoga enthusiast.


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