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A versatile Jumpsuit that fits your lifestyle!

Bali Jumpsuit, tested and approved by Johanna, our MUJO ambassador in the Caribbean.

It is from the beautiful island of Saint-Martin in the West Indies that Johanna shares with us her atypical daily life and her love for the Bali Jumpsuit. Having chosen to settle in the West Indies nearly 13 years ago, she set herself the goal, a long time ago, of awakening the world in her own way and with her own tools that she has discovered along the way. Among her tools of choice are the Tarot, cartomancy in general, and some shamanic practices such as medicine drums and sacred cocoa.


Johanna wears the Bali Jumpsuit in its burnt orange version. It's a favorite item that corresponds perfectly to her values and lifestyle! Comfort, minimalism and elegance.

"I am committed to bringing the world of tomorrow into being by helping people rediscover ancestral memories, because everything we need in terms of wisdom and knowledge has already been brought to us eons ago." - Johanna

Johanna shares with her community around topics related to frequency healing technologies such as Healy, but also technologies such as blockchain that will become an important foundation of tomorrow's world.

"I am a seeker of truth and everything that has to do with intergalactic beings, secret programs, forbidden archaeology, our true history ... all this fascinates me! - Johanna

"I became a MUJO ambassador out of love... and I do this with all the small businesses I like to collaborate with, or groups I want to help, such as the small cocoa farmers in Central America."

Johanna's upcoming projects

  • She wishes to create a wellness space in Saint-Martin with the construction of a large geodesic tent that could host classes, ceremonies, yoga sessions, meditations, treatments and that would benefit all holistic practitioners on the island.
  • She is part of a very young collective that was born in Bali, the Light Leaders, and is currently thinking about forming a sort of branch of this leaders' collective in Saint-Martin! You can follow the evolution of the project here:
  • She would also like to visit Central America and the Mayan land to learn and meet plants! :)

"I live in the tropics and MUJO's Bali Jumpsuit is a perfect creation for my lifestyle. Versatile and light, it is made to accompany me every day. In the era of great changes and awareness, opting for eco-responsible, quality and sustainable products is a priority. In this sense, the creation of the Bali Jumpsuit is a success and it corresponds perfectly to my new values. Long life to MUJO, thank you!''

Johanna on a beach of the island Saint-Martin wears the Bali Jumpsuit as a beach outing by transforming it into harem pants.

Currently Johanna offers online : 

Intuitive Tarot reading

Journey to the Drum

Two free PDF tools around the Tarots (available on my Telegram channel)

Soon, she will offer online :

An introductory course in cocoa medicine

A crypto course for beginners

On site in Saint-Martin it offers :

    Women's Circles
    Tarot Circles
    Cocoa Ceremonies
    Drumming Journeys
    Tarot Initiations
    Crypto beginners / financial freedom workshops

You can find and read many of her content mainly on Instagram and also on Telegram. For those who like to read and write about their experiences, there is also her blog Echo des éléments.

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