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The MOOCH multifunctional Bumbag

The perfect bag, an example of functionality and style!

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you've most likely noticed that I love sharing quality products that meet my values of ethics, sustainability and ... multifunctionality!

For almost a year now, I've been doing everything (but really everything) with my Bumbag bag that I found in Bali (my little piece of paradise that I've been living in for over a year now). It's an aesthetic and practical little bag that really fits my lifestyle!

The Bumbag, much more than a fanny pack!

The Mooch Bumbag is an essential for my daily life, whether I'm exploring the city, flying, riding my bike (and often my motorcycle), climbing a mountain, exploring nature, or even going out in style! It's the practical and multifunctional essential for any minimalist traveler like me!

I'm sure you'll be able to adapt it to all your styles and occasions just like I've been doing for over a year now! It fits perfectly with all my activities from morning to night and combines perfectly with my Jumpsuit Bali, my other everyday must-have (by the way follow me on Instagram to benefit from all my tips and ways to wear the bumbag and jumpsuit)!!!

A durable, high quality product, a must-have for the traveler or city dweller!

Many ways to wear your Bumbag:

1. Around the hips

This is the classic way to wear it, hanging loosely on the hips, just like the fanny pack. Wear with straight jeans and vintage sneakers or your BALI Jumpsuit. Also perfect for quick access to your passport and phone while traveling.

2. Around the waist

Take it a step further and wear the fanny pack high on the waist, just like wearing a belt! Pair this look with an oversized t-shirt or blazer. It goes perfectly with our BALI Jumpsuit by coming to curve the latter and give it a more "dressed up" look.

3. Shoulder strap

This look is already fully integrated on festivals. Basically, you don't visit a festival without your fanny pack. Wear it slung over your shoulder, under your chest, very close to your body, that way you have everything you need safely at hand.

4. In your back at the hips or waist

Yes, wear the fanny pack on your back. Just cross the bag all the way around to the back to have maximum room to move!

A smart bag!

Yes, the Bumbag fanny pack is also ... smart! By adjusting the belt and buckle to your waist and turning the belt mode knobs (see photo above), this beauty will be hanging off your shoulder in no time.

Made of durable premium leather, it is ethically produced in Bali.

It is shipped by MUJO via Bali in collaboration with Mooch.

***Shipping costs included, count a maximum of 2 weeks to receive this little wonder!***

Love Your Journey!

Isabelle C.



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