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MUJO Summer Kits

MUJO's versatile kits for the traveler or simply for those who want to buy more responsible and sustainable products.

I am Isabelle, the founder and ecodesigner of MUJO. Traveling extensively in Asia and India for the past five years, I have discovered that the fashion industry is one of the main contributors to pollution in the world. As a fashion enthusiast, I was shocked by this reality. So I made it my mission to inspire and help people to participate in ecological and ethical consistency by adopting a minimalist and slow lifestyle. So I became an NLP holistic coach and created MUJO, a brand that helps us simplify and slow down our daily lives (my Ikigai).

According to studies, women dedicate, on average, 17 minutes a day to choose their outfit in the morning. Imagine the impact on women's daily lives if they cut that down to 5 minutes and instead took 12 minutes a day THEY!

So I put together minimalist summer or travel wardrobes! Kits to suit the needs of every woman whether she is a traveler, a mother, a healer, a business woman, a researcher, a teacher, or simply a fashion and minimalist lifestyle enthusiast

All the parts of our kits are also available individually.

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