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NLP Coaching

Online NLP coaching with Isabelle C.

As you may know, with MUJO, I wish to inspire and guide you to simplify your wardrobe (and by the same time, your daily life) but above all, I wish to lead you towards a way of life that is more ecological, humane, ethical and full of meaning. To inspire you to live your daily life as an eternal journey.

As the creator of MUJO and an NLP coach, I would like to take this special moment of great change in our lives to share my tools with you.

This is why I have created a coaching offer specially adapted to the situation in this time of great questioning in order to guide you towards a simpler lifestyle, more breast and encompassing humanism, ethics and meaning where you can finally share your talent to the fullest and live it.

I offer you a free 30-minute NLP discovery session.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming ?

NLP is the art of communicating with ourselves and others, it’s a modelisation of the switch from a present state to a desired state. It offers interventions based on your inner resources (whether they are personal or professional) in order to reach the goal you’re aiming for.

NLP is also a set of techniques meants to transform ourselves, focussing on our reactions instead of the origins of our behaviors (90% based on our subconscious).

About Isabelle Cloutier, NLP coach :

Driven by the quest for a deeper meaning, Isabelle read hundreds of self development books and experienced retreats and transformative training all around the world.

In May 2019, she obtained a professional degree in business start-up from ‘École des Entrepreneurs’ and a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming from CQPNL. This 1000 hours training allows Isabelle to offer, in addition to MUJO, coaching services and workshops as a company, on a personal level.

Her life mission is to inspire people to develop their full potential in alignment with ethical and ecological values, towards a minimalist way of living.

Your online NLP 30 minutes coaching includes :

1 coaching session of 30 minutes via Google Meet. 

Naturopathic insurance receipts available.

NLP workshop hosted by Isabelle during a retreat in India. In collaboration with Dosha Yoga.

NPL tools we will use during our sessions :

The tools I want to show you have been true revelations for me, and will lead you towards a consistent way of life, both on a personal and professional level.

  • The Enneagram 

In my practice, this tool helps me to help you to know yourself better, while learning how to live with yourself and others with more ease. It’s a representation of the structure of a human being and leads to nine ways to define yourself in order to reach self acceptance and self love.

  • kigai

“Ikigai” is an ancestral Japanese concept that means “reason for being”. People with a lot of Ikigai experience a satisfying and fulfilling life, and know the reason why they wake up every morning. According to recent studies, those people have a longer life expectancy than the average, considering that the Ikigai influences mental, social and physical health.

  • The outcome frame 

Intervention helping you to set a clear goal, relying only on yourself. It will lead you to the union between performance and wellbeing, helping you to identify your deepest purpose.

  • Logical alignment of thoughts according to NLP

The logical alignment of thoughts is an intervention that will help you to align your identity and your role to develop more confidence, congruence, consistency, motivation and total implication in your projects.


Each and everyone of us is having their own perception of the world, I offer you personalized assistance on your journey towards the alignment of your full potential on every aspect. Time to give it a try!

Naturopathic insurance receipts available.

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