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Isa C. Eco-Creator MUJO


In August 2017, Isabelle decides to leave everything to travel the world, get inspired and eventually head towards a new professional adventure. During her travels, more specifically in India, Bali and Morocco, Isabelle becomes deeply aware of the havoc fashion is having on the environment and the people who produces it. She discovers that the textile industry is the second most polluting after oil… In that moment she feels an urgent need to change her own way of consuming and, by the same occasion, to help bring awareness to the matter. The urge to launch her own line of eco friendly clothing then seems consistent with her new lifestyle; simplified, nomadic and aligned with her dreams and passions.

Having previously obtained a bachelor's degree in fashion marketing, she seeks to develop her skills regarding tailoring, production and importation. The moments of co-creation with her godmother and her mother, both professional seamstresses, allows her to deepen her technical knowledge quickly. Furthermore, she surrounds herself of friends and acquaintances who provide expertise and connections in the field. It’s through one of these friend, met in Bali, that she is put in contact with Arti Bali, a Balinese manufacturer with whom Isabelle will soon develop a business relationship.

Isabelle is an entrepreneur, a coach and a traveler who’s passionate about fashion and well-being. She considers clothing as a language and an expression of her identity. This is the path she chose to express her philosophy of life.

Motivated by a quest for deep meaning, she has read hundreds of books on personal development and experienced several retreats and transformative trainings around the world. She constantly seeks to live new experiences and to broaden her horizons and considers that life is a continuous training.

During her “quest for evolution” she also finalized, in May 2019, a professional diploma in business launching at the School of Entrepreneurs and obtained a Post-master diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming at CQPNL. This NLP training, combining more than 1000 hours of training, allows her to offer, in parallel with MUJO, workshops and coaching services both in business and under a personal component.

Her personal mission is to inspire people to develop their full potential, to achieve ecological and ethical coherence .... and to embody a minimalist lifestyle.

Read here about my adventure towards the quest of MUJO.

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