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BALI Jumpsuit 10-in-1

Your Summer cover-up!

The BALI Jumpsuit by MUJO is the perfect item for relaxation and everyday life! Available in 7 colors in a light fabric, it will accompany you to the beach, the city, at home and is great for going out.

1 item = Endless Possibilities

The BALI Jumpsuit is multifunctional and can be easily transformed thanks to a brilliantly designed system of hidden bands and buttons ... with 2 main and 3 secret pockets! The jumpsuit can be worn as an evening gown, a beach outfit, overalls, harem pants or long skirt!

BALI Jumpsuit; 1 item, 10 ways to wear it!

Eco Confection

Made in TENCEL®, a fabric made from eucalyptus pulp, it allows a good management of humidity and perspiration in addition to being easy to maintain and quick to dry. It is therefore ideal for tropical weather, the beach and the spa.

About MUJO

At MUJO, we offer quality pieces inspired by the slow fashion and slow living movements. Each garment is designed to be comfortable, stylish, minimalist, versatile, durable and perfect for all body types, which is why we offer our jumpsuit in as on-size-fits-all. We chose natural materials - certified ecofriendly - for their performance and low environmental footprint. Our "on demand" production also allows us to produce only the items we sell. Each item is handmade in a small family workshop in Bali in an ethical environment for the workers.

Buying MUJO means giving priority to quality over quantity, durability over ephemeral … without neglecting style.

- Isabelle C, eco-creator MUJO 

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