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10 tips to welcome Slow Fashion in your life !

10 tips to welcome Slow Fashion to your wardrobe !

Spring is always the best moment to rearrange your wardrobe, and often, to get rid of some items, giving them to friends, family, charity… And let’s be honest, to buy new items, more conveniently.

What if this spring, we start decreasing our consumption by consuming BETTER ? In order to guide you toward a slow fashion way of living, you’ll find the following tips by Isabelle C., eco-designer of MUJO !

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to share your own tips with our community !

10 tips for a slow fashion way of life :

1- SLOW DOWN the pace ! Consume less, but better :

- Go for basic items ( classics, timeless, safe bets)of quality, sustainable, eco-friendly.

- Choose natural fabric as much as you can. Synthetic products are fragile and usually hold the sweat in, as they aren't thermoregulating. They tend to keep us warm in summer and cold in winter. Moreover, synthetic fabrics require many chemicals during processing.

2- Sort your clothes, keep the essential !

- Only keep your favorite items

- If you haven't been wearing the item for a year (or even the last 6 month), let’s be realistic, you probably won’t wear them ever again ! Donate !

3- Pick matching colors. Go for dominant tones, for example, my wardrobe for the past years has been mostly dominated by black, white, beige, kaki, light pink, yellow and orange. The closest colors to our 7 available colors for your BALI Jumpsuit.

4- 33 items for 1 season

You might have heard about the famous minimalist Courtney Carver and her 333 project. She created her own organizing model in her minimal wardrobe : 33 items for 3 month. Are included : clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes. Aren't included : underwear, sport/work clothes.

A great concept to try !

MUJO's philosophy : Consume less, but better!

5- Choose versatile and multifunctional clothing that adjusts to different occasions and make you feel comfortable.

Discover the different ways of wearing your MUJO !

6- Get inspired with Pinterest pins, look for ideas with the pieces of clothing you already own, and make a list of the missing elements. To make once every season ! Then, choose the shop you’ll go to, focusing only on sustainable quality items.

7- Give, swap, sell, recycle. There is nothing better than extending the life of your beloved clothes by swapping them with a friend ! An occasion to spend time with your loved ones, and to get new items without any expenses ! For temporary whimsies, second hand stores and swapping clubs are your best friends ! Our must-go in Montreal : Becalitha, Swahp Club and Empire Exchange.

8- Second-think your point of view on “cheap” items. A 10$ t-shirt might not be the most ethicaly-made product. The fabric might not last long. To invest in better quality is usually much better on medium and long term !

9- Love your clothes ! Take care of them, hand-wash your items, using gentle natural soap, don’t use the dryer.

10- Finally, always second-guess your need of buying. :)

Isabelle C, eco-creator of MUJO

About MUJO and our minimalist philosophy 

MUJO is a japanese zen concept around the aesthetic of lightness and ephemera. An art of living, the natural way, problems free, excess weight free, with safety and ease, without owning much.

This concept inspired MUJO’s philosophy, as we’re willing to offer eco-friendly collections, emphasizing on the versatility of an item instead of the quantity, and choosing sustainable quality fabrics, allowing women to buy conveniently without neglect of their style and tastes !

Discover the multiple ways of earing your MUJO.


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