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Slow Fashion : buy less, buy better

In Slow Fashion mode with MUJO

MUJO is not only a line of amazingly comfortable and multifunctional clothing line, it is also a brand that aims to be sustainable and minimalist, aligned with a new trend called "Slow Fashion".

What is Slow Fashion?

Let’s start with a few simple questions.Where does the garment you’re wearing today come from? What materials is it made of? What kind of dye was used for its fabric? How long will this item last? How soon will it be out of fashion?

Slow Fashion is a movement that opposes the Fast Fashion model. It is fair to say that Slow Fashion is a trend that is slowly making its way, facing the significant ecological impacts of Fast Fashion. The latter is producing at the lowest possible cost to resell at an affordable price, creating a lot of pressure on the supply chain and its workers. Producing huge quantities of clothing without knowing whether or not consumers will appreciate it has the consequence of generating tons of clothing which cannot find buyers. Over the last years, the industry has even been talking of "disposable fashion"... that says it all!

Some figures on the fashion industry:

  • Every year, about 80 billion items of clothing are produced worldwide.
  • To make a single t-shirt, you need an amount of water equivalent to what a person drinks in 3 years (20,000 liters).
  • To make jeans, you need 285 showers of water.

Sources : Ethik and FEM international, Eco Sessions: Garde-robe écoresponsable

The fashion industry generates more than $ 3 trillion in sales annually. It employs more than 60 million workers, 75% of whom are women. It is also the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil.

In order to renew their collections every month, big fashion brands must produce quickly and at a low cost. In our globalized world, buying a piece of clothing is therefore not trivial. Every time we go to the malls, we contribute to a system that destroys the environment and underpay many workers (who often work in very poor conditions).

Isabelle C, éco-créatrice de MUJO, en mode slow living à Bali.

MUJO and Slow Fashion

At MUJO, we make sure that each piece is fluid, versatile, minimalist and designed for the necessities of travel, everyday activities and daily comfort. We rely on the authenticity and the quality of the handmade pieces that simplify our lives so we can wear our MUJO from morning to evening, from city to countryside, from downtown to the beach, from Montreal to Bali.

" The idea behind MUJO is to offer a product that allows you to consume less and better without neglecting your style. The clothes offered in the collections offer the necessary in few pieces and always offers a multitude of ways to be worn. The BALI Jumpsuit can be worn in 10 different ways and even more according to your creativity."

Isabelle C, eco-creator for MUJO.

Comfortable, light, versatile and high-quality clothing that lets the woman's body move freely! We can therefore wear MUJO to travel, meditate, go out or just stay at home. Accomplishing more, with less.

Producing less, but better, this is the motto of Slow Fashion and that of MUJO. Offer clothing that is durable (both in the quality of the fabric used and in the intelligent design of the product) and that can evolve with the wearer.

MUJO’s commitments to Slow Fashion:

  • We produce items on request in small quantities to avoid any waste and excess inventory (which has an impact on our delivery time, but we prefer this over waste); 
  • We opt for an artisanal production, handmade, with a Balinese woman entrepreneur. People are at the heart of our challenges, which can sometimes slow down the production process;
  • We use certified, efficient, natural and environmentally friendly materials such as Tencel and bamboo;
  • Our patterns are zero waste (so every inch of fabric is optimized);
  • Our buttons are made of coconut shells;
  • MUJO garments are 99% biodegradable;
  • We deliver in a minimum of packaging with 100% compostable bags;
  • Finally, the multifunctionality of the product and its durability will allow you to make a single purchase and benefit from a multitude of ways to wear it... so you’ll need fewer items.

The Bali Tencel Jumpsuit, the multifunctional garment

Join the « slow living » and « slow fashion » movement

Discover MUJO philosophy

To dig deeper, here’s the documentary True Cost to watch on Netflix! 

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