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Minimalist traveling : The best tips from travelers

Minimalist traveling : Tips from the MUJO ambassadors !

MUJO is efficacy, simplicity, elegance. MUJO, is a name, an ethic, a way of living.But overall, MUJO is hundreds of women. Creators, healers, entrepreneurs, students, tall women, short women, athletic or explorers, grand mothers or future moms. Women whose wisdom and creativity inspire us every day. Women like me, women like you, women of the world.

Today, four MUJO ambassadors gather to offer you their tricks and tips for minimalist travels, so, get comfortable, and take some notes !

Isabelle, 38 y.o - Canada, Minimalist entrepreneur (and MUJO creator)

My body is my vehicle, the planet is my home. My life took a huge turn when I discovered my passion for minimalism, symbol of alignment. Alignment of my body with the earth, and of my actions with my values. I discover this lifestyle concept that I apply to all the aspects of my life.

  • Quality over quantity :

A good quality natural fabric will last longer, and resist to the hours spent in a bag-pack ! Less washing, less ironing, products such as Tencel offered me so much freedom. Buying less by buying better is the key for a life respectful of the environment and the humans.

  • One word : HAR-MO-NIZE :

Why would we make life more complicated ? My wardrobe is organized just like the MUJO line, in maximum simplicity !

Learning how to choose the colors you want to wear (according to your skin tone, your tastes, or the season) allows you an easier selection of your purchases. I chose to emphasize on making my items match when I shop. All of my shoes, accessories, and outfits can be worn together, creating an infinity of options.

Sandra, 25 y.o - Tunisia, Conscious artist

I feel like I’ve always been traveling. I’ve lived and worked in 7 different countries during the past 5 years. I love the freedom associated with my life of movement. I chose to leave everything behind to pursue my dream. Farewell furniture, clothes, ex-boyfriend, shoes and memories piled up in cardboard boxes. Ever since, I’m happier than ever. Lightness is the essence of my nomadic life. It’s my bag-pack, myself, and the road. to adventure.

  • The onion technique :

To be honest, I haven't really experienced low temperatures for a long time. But when I happen to feel cold, I turn my summer clothes into winter ones… By layering them ! A good way of using your creativity, being warm but always trendy !

  • The free flux

This one may sound scary at first, and requires a bit of practice. The free flux (or free bleeding) is the fact of giving up hygienic protections during periods, by « emptying » the blood when going to the loo. It’s all about knowing your anatomy, controlling your pelvic floor and perineum ! No more chemical-filled waste (and pesticide in the body), and good bye to the hundreds of protections that needs to find space in your suitcase each time you travel. More space, more money, and so much more freedom !

  • Keep your eyes open :

During my transition to a more minimalist lifestyle, I’ve learned to reuse, and to observe. The idea is to bring a second gaze onto your old items, it’s just a matter of perception ! Everything I need is already here, we just need to find it. Everything can be found in nature or in our closets. Need a body scrub ? Bali beaches are full of sand. Need to brush your teeth ? The ashes of a bonfire will do the job. Need a plate ? Plating leaves will keep you busy while the barbecue is cooking.

Anne, 22 y.o - Swiss, Sustainable student

As a student, I usually travel on a budget. A life of travel requires a minimalist approach, the lighter is my bag, the more I’m free to move ! From hostels to AirBnB, carpooling to hiking, exploration to farniente, mobility is my motto !

  • My 100 % recycled sketchbook :

I use it for every occasion ! For drawing or taking notes, it’s my favorite travel mate !

  • Buy local :

As a photography enthusiast, I never go out without my camera when I travel to meet the local population and take their portraits. In that occasion, I always try to support these people by buying what I need in the markets and local shops. I practice my art along with bonding with people and supporting them as much as I can.

  • Let’s be creative :

Why wearing an item the same way for years and years ? In Indonesia, I discovered the sarong , this piece of fabric (square shaped and very colorful), usually worn as a long skirt. Everyday, I have fun looking for different ways of wearing it. A knot, a pin, and the game is on !

It’s exactly the reason why I couldn’t resist to buy my favorite MUJO jumpsuit !

Alizée, 30 y.o - France, Zero waste traveler

I’ve always been concerned about the environment, and today, I’ll give you three of my advice for a gentle transition towards a zero waste way of life :

  • The filtering water bottle :

I use my bottle Water-to-Go, with a filter included. It allows me to drink any water, always with safety. I change the filter every 3 month, and I’m ready to go !

  • My reusable dishes and cutlery :

Farewell single use plastic items ! I never travel without my fork, knife, straw, container and cup, all washable and reusable. In many countries, the stores even offer a discount to the customers who bring their own containers for take-away orders !

  • Grand-Ma’s recipes :

My glass jars are filled with homemade mixtures, from natural ingredients, meeting all of my hygiene and cosmetic needs. The point is to get to know your body, and give it what it needs, not more, not less. Good bye useless wrapping, toxic chemicals, pointless expenses.

And you, what are your tricks and tips for sustainable and simple travels ? Message us or join our community on Facebook and Instagram !

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