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MUJO 333 Challenge: Wardrobe Therapy

MUJO 333 Challenge: Wardrobe Therapy - Part 1/3

With Mujo, I want to challenge you towards a more minimalist way of life.The Mujo philosophy is to move forward in life with ease, unhindered, knowing yourself, in comparison to a society that is drowning in excess and overabundance, constantly looking for the next novelty to try and fill a bottomless void.

Isabelle t'invite à te libérer avec le Défi 333!!!

Le Project 333

Have you ever heard of “Project 333™”? This concept was created by Courntey Carver more than 10 years ago, and it has changed the lives of so many women. Its goal is to help you introduce a minimalist wardrobe and to simplify your life.

The rules are simple: 33 pieces (or less) for 3 months.

  • The 33 pieces include clothing, accessories and shoes and exclude sentimental jewelry, pajamas, underwear and sports gear.

  • After making your selection of clothes, you have to store the excess in boxes and not touch it for 3 months! You can even sell them or give them away if you find you really don't use them. We love and highly advocate for swap clubs and second-hand stores. Our favorites are Bethalica and Shwap Club.

 The Mini Bali Jumpsuit, worn with and without accessories for 2 different vibes! Bonus: all accessories are thrifted ;)

The power of 333

The number 3 is so present and impacting in my life. My enneagram number is 3, and my life path number is 33-6 in numerology.

The number 3 surrounds us all, and throughout history as well.

Have you ever noticed its presence? For example in:

  • the three forms of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous,

  • the past, present and future,

  • the three primary colors (blue, yellow and red),

  • birth, life and death,

  • body, soul and spirit,

  • thought, word and action,

  • thesis, antithesis and synthesis

These are of course only very few examples, but we can also note that the creation of life itself stems from the number 3: the union of two people can create a third (1+1=3).

If you often see a sequence of 333 (on your clock, your bank account, or license plates for example), the interpretation is a confirmation that you are making the right decision. Your mind, body and soul are aligned in the right direction and the universe is letting you know.

When I started working on MUJO, I saw repetitions of 333, really everywhere: on my car mileage, when I arrived in Bali for 3 weeks on March 3rd to finally stay there and launch my brand, and when I was seeing the hour 3:33 every day. I immediately saw this as a nice nod from my guides and a message confirming that I was on the right track.

The 3 also represents self-expression and creativity, lightness and dynamism. This is exactly what we look for in a minimalist wardrobe.

The Set 3 pièces styled with the cutest swimsuit!

Why create a minimalist wardrobe?

So now, you're probably wondering: why would I take on such a project?

A woman spends an average of 17 minutes a day choosing her outfit. Can you imagine how reducing this time to 5 minutes and indulging in a daily 10-minutes meditation could bring in the long term to these women whose mental load continues to increase everyday?

We are all in the same basket, we repeatedly buy pieces that we half-heartedly enjoy, we pile on old clothes, pieces that we don't want to let go of for sentimental reasons or just because "no, but I'm going to wear this dress soon, I'm just waiting for the right occasion”.

Your wardrobe is a reflection of your lifestyle and your thoughts. A cluttered closet is a confused heart. Jeans that you don't want to separate from reflect a spirit that remains anchored in the past and does not want to experience the pain of parting and moving forward. Compulsive shopping stems from a lack of direction and focus in our lives.

As an NLP coach, I take the relationship between our wardrobe and our thoughts very seriously. During my coachings, I work a lot on creating your identity, and fashion and clothes have always been a way for me to express mine. Through your outfits, you can affirm your values, your beliefs and your mood!

The Bali Jumpsuit Eco-Linen, a unique 10-in1 styles piece, perfect for a minimalist wardrobe!

This is why I decided to create MUJO: my desire to inspire you and guide you in order to simplify your wardrobe (and by extension, your daily life) but above all, to lead you towards a more ecological, human, ethical way of life, filled with meaning, and to inspire you to live your life as an eternal journey.

Stay tuned because this blog is the first of a series of 3, I'm going to take you more in depth to understand how MUJO can help you simplify your life, and above all to introduce you to my new project: the MUJO 333 Challenge!

Enjoy Your Journey!


Isabelle C.

Eco-créatrice MUJO

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