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The MUJO 333 Challenge: A Minimalist Wardrobe with Mujo

Create your minimalist wardrobe with 5 items - Part 2/3

Creating a minimalist wardrobe and sticking to it means slowing down your buying habits but also your lifestyle.

To be able to take full advantage of your wardrobe, it is imperative for you to avoid fast fashion and pieces that will not stand the test of time. By choosing sustainable and eco-responsible pieces, you choose to preserve nature and make a long-term commitment to your own choices.

Buying small brands that respect these values ​​and beliefs means supporting the dream of people just like you, real humans, who are going through the same ordeals you are going through, and who you can trust.

With the 333 challenge, Isabelle invites you to simplify your wardrobe... and your life!

Tips to start your minimalist wardrobe  

The first advice I can give you is to compose your wardrobe with clothes that bring you joy, that you want to wear, and that make you feel comfortable. Choose basic, solid-color pieces that don't go out of style and look great together. Solid colors make mixing and matching easier.

You might be asking now: what about colors? Where’s the pop of fun? Well, I recommend you to invest in accessories. Scarves or belts can help you pump up an outfit that you can wear in different ways. A shirt worn loose is a different look than when worn fitted with a belt. And believe me, few people will notice that it's the same shirt. As a bonus, accessories are usually much cheaper than investing in new clothes all the time.

I say it again and again, but buying quality and durable clothing (within your means) is essential. You might as well take full advantage of the pieces you buy for a long time!

Finally, watch out for impulsive shopping. If you know yourself, that you know what your triggers are, and that you tend to want to buy everything, avoid going to the mall or looking at online shopping sites. Always think before you buy, ask yourself the right questions: will I really wear this? Does it fit with all my wardrobe? I also like to ask myself: if I wait a bit before buying a piece that I think I'm in love with, will I still want it as much or is it just in the spur of the moment?

Mujo, your ally for a minimalist wardrobe

MUJO is the embodiment of 3 concepts: slow-fashion, slow living and slow entrepreneurship. What’s in common? SLOW. That's why for MUJO I only create one collection a year. Indeed, the creative process, the design of the pieces and the research of the fabrics is a journey in itself.

Time is a notion that I include in all our pieces. Timeless clothes that follow you for years, and versatile, that accompany you every day, at work as in yoga, through your pregnancies and all the important stages in your life as a woman.

MUJO are clothes that you can mix-and-match with each other and with items you already own thanks to solid colors, smart designs and “one size fits all” sizes. It is also an ethical and eco-responsible production that respects the environment and the craftsmen who put their hearts into their work.

Endless outfits with the new Eco-Linen Collection!

Today I want to introduce you (or re-introduce if you've been with us for a while) 3 Mujo pieces that fit perfectly into a minimalist wardrobe:

The Bali Jumpsuit 

This is THE versatile piece “par excellence”! With just one jumpsuit, you have 10 different styles in your wardrobe: jumpsuits, overalls, harem pant, long skirt and balloon dress, and even beach kimono! The adjustable suspenders can be worn in many ways and with its perfectly placed ties and pockets, it really is the combination of style, functionality and comfort.It’s available in several colors and materials, and I am convinced that you will find the Bali Jumpsuit that suits you.  

The 3-piece Eco-Linen Set 

This 3-piece set consists of a cropped shirt, a small top, and shorts. It looks gorgeous as a set, but you can also wear each piece separately with items from your wardrobe: I love wearing my favorite jeans with the top or the cropped shirt, and a little bodysuit with the shorts. Sneakers, boots or even mules go perfectly with all these outfits! It really is the kind of purchase that makes sense in a minimalist wardrobe! Check it out today, the set is currently at -20%! 

The Mini Bali Jumpsuit Eco-Linen 

It's the little star of this Eco-Linen collection! Like its big brother the Bali Jumpsuit, it is functional and comfortable and can be worn in several different ways. With its adjustable straps wear it high for a jumpsuit look, or low-cut with a little top underneath for a comfy overalls look. Tie the suspenders in halter mode and you have an evening jumpsuit.

 Isabelle porte ici la toute nouvelle crop-chemisette Eco-Linen de MUJO.

You now have almost everything you need to create a minimalist wardrobe! Stay tuned for part three of this blog series to help you on this new adventure. In the next part, I will tell you all about the content of my brand new project which you can join: the Mujo 333 Challenge! I'm so excited!

Check out our article on closet therapy here!

Enjoy Your Journey!


Isabelle C.

Eco-créatrice MUJO

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