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MUJO 333 Challenge: rise to the challenge!

Develop a minimalist wardrobe with MUJO! - Part 3/3 

I challenge you to break the limiting patterns in your life every 3 months! Are you ready for it?

Too often I hear that women’s mental load grows heavier day by day, year by year. We are put under pressure and we put ourselves pressure on everything: work, family life, life choices and especially self-image. The expectations placed on women today in terms of physique and the way we present ourselves are unattainable. We are objectified and judged on all the little details of our bodies.

If you too feel completely overwhelmed by what society expects of you, if you are tired of feeling judged and of judging yourself, of living to the rhythm of a world of overconsumption in which you do not recognize yourself anymore but you don't know where to start to get rid of that weight, I'm here to help.

On June 14, 15, and 16, 2022 (for Quebec customers), I warmly invite you to join me for 3 days of coaching to improve your life starting with your wardrobe, I call it: the closet therapy!

I is more than a simple 3-days challenge, it is above all a self-coaching tool that you can use for life, a co-development system with women like you, who have decided to make things move, to take impactful decisions and to stick to them in order to regain control of their wardrobe and their life, and in essence to regain their self-confidence.

3 hours of live coaching over 3 days, but lifelong results!

DAY 1 : 

During the first day, you will take part in a 1 hour live coaching where I will give you in detail ALL of my advices to effectively create a minimalist wardrobe of 33 pieces that will last you 3 months:

  • how many pieces of each type you will need

  • what shapes and color palettes to favor

  • how to learn to let go of clothes you no longer wear

  • how to free yourself from the hassle of choosing your daily outfit

I'll tell you how I put together my own minimalist wardrobe over the years, and how it fits perfectly into my travels.

DAY 2 :

For the second day, during the second 1 hour live coaching, I will tell you about the intentional power of the number 3 and how present it is in your life even if you don’t realize it. If you read my previous blog, you already have an idea of ​​its power and its place in my life.

I will also give you a preview of my MAP: Minimalist Action Plan!

Inspired by Tony Robbins' Massive Action Plan, I adapted it in a slow living way. It’s mission: to help you “break the pattern”, free yourself from your old habits and create goals that will bring you real results with long-term effects.

The goal of the Minimalist Action Plan goal is to define 3 objectives which are intentions that you will promise yourself to respect. During my coaching, I use SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. It is THE formula that works when you want to set yourself a succeeding goal and that's exactly what I will do with you. We will learn how to properly define these objectives together during this 2nd day of coaching.

DAY 3 :

Finally, on the 3rd day and last 1 hour live coaching, to follow up on our 3 objectives, we will define the 3 behavioral commitments and the 3 expected results.

The 3 behavioral commitments are actions that you will commit to implementing in your life. These commitments, you will make them with yourself, not with me, nor with anyone else. Only you. Because only you are in charge of your life and its direction. The goal of doing this challenge with a group of women who share the same mindset and the same needs is to help each other keep these commitments and to encourage each other. Every 3 months, we will meet again to make sure that with each new season you reorganize your wardrobe and your life. It is important to have clear intentions and to bet on precision and not quantity. Remember: less is more!

From these commitments will come results that we will define together, and it is to achieve them that we will work together. By defining them, achieving them and respecting them, you will regain the self-confidence you thought you had lost.

If you feel ready to take up the challenge and finally get rid of your limiting patterns, join me!

For a value of only $33 you will receive:

🌱 3 hours of coaching with a certified NLP coach

🌱 A working document to compose your wardrobe

🌱 A working document MAP- Minimalist Action Plan

🌱 Access to the private Facebook support group to discuss and share your experience with other beautiful souls who are also taking up the challenge

🌱 A -20% discount on ALL Bali Jumpsuit MUJO to optimize your wardrobe.

Find the MUJO 333 Challenge on our website right HERE!

Let me show you the intentional power of the number 3.

Let me prove to you that selecting your clothes every day is similar to selecting your thoughts: if you want to have control of your life, you must learn to control your mind.

I can't wait to accompany you in these 3 days of challenge and help you create your own minimalist wardrobe and change your daily life. For me, minimalism is freedom and I really hope that my creation will inspire you to follow me on this journey towards conscious consumption and slow living.

Read our blog post about the Closet Therapy !

Find out how to create a minimalist wardrobe !

See you soon!

Enjoy Your Journey!


Isabelle C.

Eco-créatrice MUJO

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